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WordPress CMS is one of the fastest growing CMS in the world. It has lots of features like easy theming , better performance, best user interface, easy plugin development etc.So worldwide developer like this CMS for there clients or themselves. If you are planning to do a CMS, WordPress is the right choice for you.Currently wordpress has largest vacancies in IT companies.You can build your career in wordpress. If you check wordpress syllabus of some other training center, you find that they only cover some basics in wordpress . That even our clients know .They don’t teach in advance level topics.

We provide WordPress training in Delhi for developer who want depth ,advance knowledge in WordPress such as Plugin Development, Hooks, Widget Development etc.So if you planning to just complete advance training in wordpress you can contact us .

WordPress is a free publishing platform based on PHP and MySQL. It is used by over 14.7% of websites and is currently the most popular blogging platform in use on the web. It comes with handy features designed to make the user’s experience as a publisher as easy and appealing as possible. It comes with many standard compliant features that make it fast, light and flexible content management system.

Our WordPress Training in Delhi is recommended for beginners and intermediates with keen interest in learning this key technology. We cover many aspects of WordPress including overview, installation, configuration, setting up a PHP WordPress development environment, plugins, hooks, actions and filters, activation code, templates, widgets, admin interface, database security, jQuery, AJAX, security and live project training.

Our training sessions are designed to assist students to get the benefit of both theoretical and practical sessions. The theory sessions deal with the basics while the practical sessions involve doing assignments and learning by writing code.

we are best WordPress institute in Delhi also offering online WordPress training. Being a WordPress training institute in Delhi we have built more than 1000s ofWordPress professional accross nationwide .Join us for Delhi WordPress training, WordPress training in Delhi NCR .

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Introduction of WordPress

– installation & configuration WordPress 3.0
– setting up development evironment of wp
– wordpress internal structure as CMS
– understanding, installation and configuration of plugins

– Understanding WordPress plugins
– Exploring where plugins reside
– Introduction of hooks
– Creating the plugin PHP file(s)
– More on hooks Actions and filters
– Installation and activation
– Writing activation code
– Writing an action
– Writing a filter
– About pluggable functions
– Writing a pluggable function
– Using template tags
– Introducing shortcode
– Widgets and the WordPress Widgets SubPanel
– Comparing widgets and plugins
– Using and customizing built-in widgets
– Creating a new widget
– Writing the constructor and registering widgets
– Enabling configuration of widgets
– Creating an admin interface
– Saving data to the database
– Securing form submission with nonces
– Options editing post-WordPress 2.7
– Integrating with the WordPress admin menus
– WordPress admin dashboard API
– Using existing options and option editing pages in WordPress
– Using jQuery and AJAX for administration
– Accessing the WordPress database
– Using the built-in schema
– Accessing data using $wpdb
– Creating new tables
– Inserting data
– Introducing the Loop
– Using WP_Query()
– Custom filtering and sticky posts
– Using jQuery and AJAX for posts and pages
– Registering and promoting plugins
– Creating an uninstall function
– Backward compatibility issues
– Understanding security issues
– Internationalizing your plugin
– WordPess -Demo Project


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