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Batman Arkham City EN RU Repack



Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / SoftKlab

Publication Type: Reloaded

Game Language: Engl / Russian

Right Language: ENG

Crack (Prophet / Rome)


OS: XP / Vista / 7/8

Process: Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel (4) 800 + x2

Memory: 2 GB

Video: ATI 3850HD 512 MB of memory, GeForce (8) with the 800 GT with 512 MB VRAM


Hard Drive: 17 MB

Description: Arkham – an area where there is a clinic in mind, and the look in his wrath, and criminals, and from a mad old. Place in the heart of Gotham City, is one of the city from all sides impenetrable wall. and Batman – and where the evil you know! Arkheme met a lot of famous legendary heroes and villains, and players can find out what they are – in the dark.

Features repack:

Arkham City – – Batman release of Game of the Year Edition (steam)

Court: In addition to the crops et Russian and English

Players nothing

Version of the game:

Installation time: 13 minutes

Additional content:

+ Pack Catwoman

+ Nightwing Bundle Pack

+ Robin Bundle Pack

+ Harley Quinn’s Revenge

+ Challenge Map Pack

Arkham City Skins + Package

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